Fulfill the desire for more storage space and better organisation in your kitchen.

Dynamic Space
The goal of dynamic space is to create a new kitchen standard that provides improved utilisation of storage space and a better quality of motion. It also helps to focus on what is important for you regarding your comfort in the kitchen.

1. Planning sufficient storage space
Over 60% of all kitchen buyers realise too late that they need more storage space. You can avoid this by using the Blum Zone Planner to determine how much storage space you will need before kitchen planning begins.

2. Planning in five kitchen zones
All well planned kitchens start out by first planning the individual kitchen work zones. These include consumables (ie. items that are used for cooking and baking which then must be replenished); non-consumables (eg. kitchen utensils, cutlery, dishes, glasses, etc); cleaning (including waste storage/separation); preparation (including hand-held appliances, food processors, cutting boards); and cooking (eg. cooking pots, cookbooks, oven gloves, etc). Their position and arrangement are then customised to your personal requirements and work flows.

3. Avoiding shelves in lower cabinets
The positioning of shelves in lower cabinets is poor in ergonomic terms: It makes it very difficult for you to find items since you don’t have an overview of the entire cabinet contents. Quite often you will find that you have to bend and stretch to locate the items you are looking for. It is not uncommon to find yourself having to remove some of the contents at the front in order to get at the items at the back. Drawers and pull-outs, on the other hand, enable you to see what you want easily and get your hands on it quickly and in comfort.

4. Selecting fully extending drawers
Fully extending (“full extension”) drawers and pull outs offer an added bonus with regards to comfort. In contrast to normal 2/3rd extending (“single extension”) drawers, fully extending drawers have a significant advantage – allowing you to see and access items all the way to the back. It is possible to create up to 55% more usable storage space by using full extension drawers, higher back panels and BOXSIDE side extender walls. Adjustable ORGA-LINE inner dividers provide organisation and improved access in drawers and pull outs.


The innovative BLUMOTION function guarantees consistent closings that are silent and effortless. It doesn’t matter what force is used to close the drawer or pull-out or whether it is full or empty. BLUMOTION for doors adds value to cabinets – doors that are closed are brought to a gentle halt.

A wide assortment of adaptors makes its easier for you to use BLUMOTION with many different kinds of door application options. Naturally BLUMOTION for doors works with all Blum hinges.

For further information visit www.dynamicspace.com and www.blum.com.au

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